Whoo-hoo! My design career has been quite a ride! Why don’t you take a look?

for work

2013 - 2012

Docracy UI / Web Design

Identity, web design, illustrations and front end development for the awesome legal tech startup Docracy.

Heavily based on Bootstrap framework.

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eCreditBuilder UI / Web Design

UX/UI Design and illustrations for a credit rebuilding application by a canadian finance company, inSync.

This project is unfortunately no longer on the table.

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2012 - 2010

Androidify Vector Designs

I’ve worked together with Larva Labs and the Google Creative Labs to create a very fun app that lets you create an android version of yourself!

I’ve designed most of the assets and helped with the interface design!

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Nearby Hotels UX/UI Design & Illustrations

UI/UX Design and illustrations for an iPhone web application by Reveloper.com

This project was later cancelled but I had a blast working on it.

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Facemixer UI Design

One of my earliest iPhone application user interface design for a rather simple and fun application called FaceMixer by Larva Labs


Heraclio Fournier Illustration & Design

Spanish playing cards design for a design contest held by Heraclio Fournier.

I didn’t win but it was fun nevertheless.

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